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For 8.5 years I followed my husband's career path taking us through Morocco, Malaysia, Spain and Netherlands, together with our 2 children.

In addition I wrote a thesis on the topic: "Expatriation - seen from the spouse's perspective" at Copenhagen Business School, where I completed my HD(O) in 2007. (HD(O) stands for Graduate Diploma in HR Business Administration in Organisation and Management).

During the many years abroad, I know what it means to follow as a spouse, and therefore my surprise become larger and larger through the years:

"Why are Danish companies not doing more to ensure that their 'investment' in an expatriation, gives a good 'return' in terms of happy families who are supporting the expatriation instead of interrupting it prematurely?"

This was the background for the study I conducted in connection with the thesis. 35 Danish accompanying spouses from 11 different countries responded anonymously to what the working partner's company had done for them before, during and after posting.

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