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Susan moves to Denmark
Engelsk børnebog til udenlandske medarbejdere

Foreigners, who move to Denmark, wonder about many things. “Why do you light candles, when the sun is shining?” “Do children really sleep in their pram during winter?”

Helle Granhøj from Expat Management and the publishing house TURBINE now publish "Susan moves to
Denmark", which is a story about a girl, who moves to Denmark, starts at an international school, and gets a
Danish girlfriend. Besides, several good advices in the back of the book, about welfare and integration etc. in
Denmark, the book is also filled with facts and pictures from Denmark. As an example; did you know that the
average Danish person rides his or her bicycle for 595 kilometer during a year?

The book will be released during October 2011. The sale price in the bookshops will be 229,- Danish kroner.
Danish companies, who employ foreign labour, can already now order copies in advance. The books will be
delivered during October

"We felt it was a lovely introduction to Denmark for both children and adults. It addresses many key (and some more unusual!) questions that an Expat has when moving to a new country, and is in a really informal and easy to read manner. We particularly liked the beautiful illustrations. Overall I would say it is a must read for new arrivals in Denmark!"

Rob Pinder, Finance Director, Pfizer Danmark

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