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Søren flytter til Kina - Hellen Granhøj

“Søren flytter til Kina”:

Søren is going to move to China! His father has gotten a new job in China, so the
entire family is going to move and Søren will have to start at an international
school. At first, it is really exciting to tell about China in the preschool class and
Søren looks forward to it and practices saying “my name is Søren.”
Everything is different in China and it is difficult, when you don’t understand what
they are all saying. Søren misses the people back home, especially his friend Mikkel.
But then Søren gets a new friend in the international school…

A cute book about moving the entire family to a new and different country.

At the end of the book, there are 15 good advices for the parents about expatriation of children.

Price: 229,- DKK (incl. tax, excl. shipping)

The book is also translated into Swedish "Björn flyttar till Kina".

You can order the book through me or at the webshop at
My kids (8 and 13 years) have both read "Søren moves to China" with great excitement and laughter of the images. We have recently relocated, so there was certainly a lot they could recognize. The book gave them the opportunity to look back ... and see that they actually have come a long way since the first day of school. :-)

Very nice with a book that also give some advice to parents. Especially the bad conscience is something that also has worried us.

So congratulations on your fine book ... I hope it will find its way to a lot of people.

Later Anne-Mette writes:
My youngest daughter has since been reading your book again and again as a bedtime story ... she asks for it. It IS a great book that is spot on all fields.

Anne-Mette Levin, Germany

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